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Dear Sir or Madam:
SYWG Research would like to thank you for the attention you paid to our company. To better serve your needs in terms of professional support, please thoroughly read the information provided below:   
1. SYWG Research whole-heartedly welcomes journalists from media abroad. We will do all we can to help you jump-start newsgathering in mandarin, arrange for manuscript solicitation, settle communications with our professionals, and provide interviews that conducted in English when conditions permit.
2.    Due to the research scope, working time restraints, energy limitation, and restricts imposed by laws and regulations, we may not resolve all your problems, or help you in all fields although we want to. In particular, SYWG Research will not publicly comment government policy or details of listed company. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.
3.    For any enquires, please contact:
Mr. Bo Fang,  Tel: 021-23297242  Fax: 021-23297827  Email:
Thanks for your cooperation!
Best wishes,
SYWG Research Co., Ltd
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