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SWS RESEARCH  CO., LTD has been devoting to independent and objective securities investment research products, and professional and honest investment advisory services to our institutional investors. Our extensive coverage, promptly-reaching and tailor-made research products and advisory opinions will meet all the needs of various institutional investors.

Our research products cover extensive areas such as micro-economy research, sector research, company research, market investment strategy and financial innovation products, etc. We focus on studies of all China exchange-traded securities like A-shares, B-shares, funds, bonds, etc. We can provide a variety of ways of services, including providing research reports, arranging all kinds of meetings like one-on-one meetings, conference calls related to market investment. We can also provide tailor-made research products to satisfy the needs of our institutional investors.

We provide the following research products:

     Strategy Research
     Company Research
    Stock market
     Economics Research
     Forum Information
     Fund Market
     Financial Engineering
     Sector Report
     Dynamic Research
     Bond Market
     Special Report

We provide the following tailor-made advisory services:

1. Annual Investment Strategy Forum
It is held either at the beginning of each year or the end of the year. Analysts of each sector will do the report and forecast on topics including macroeconomic condition of next year, policy at securities markets, stock market environment and hot issues of sectors, investment strategy advises and other topics related to institutional investment strategy. The forum gathers all professional opinions from all our analysts.
From the expectation of internet stock booming in 1999 to the forecast on E-business sector stocks in 2000, from the recovery of traditional industry, to Huangpu-River-concept related stocks in 2002 and the re-focus on value investment idea in 2003, SWS RESEARCH  CO., LTD has dedicated itself to guiding the market and providing professional services to institutional investors.
2. Mid-Year Investment Strategy Conference
It is held in the middle of the year, which offers forecast and analysis on market and sectors for the next half year based on data provided in the previous half year.
3. Seminars
They are irregularly held with diversified topics, which include meetings between investors and listed companies, fund company and insurance company. We will issue updated research products from domestic sector experts and our analysts on the topics of macroeconomics, sectors or market.
4. Panel Discussions
Discussions are held irregularly upon clients' requirements and based on changing market environment..
5. Conference calls
It is held irregularly., which is between analysts and institutional investors. There are abundant information sources with different opinions from various analysts and institutional investors.
6. Tailor-made products.
We provide tailor-made research products upon clients' requirement.
7. Account Manager Service for Special Clients.
Our account manager provides one-on-one consulting service.
8. "A Green Channel" for Advisory Services
Our sector analysts are available by E-Mails, phone calls, company visits, etc, to communicate in time with clients on the topics of the market, policy, macroeconomics, industry, company, strategy etc.


How Do You Access to Our Services?

Two ways are available if you want to access to our research reports and services:

(1) Please contact our Consulting Service Department. We will provide you user name and initial password for overseas investors to access our website www.swsresearch.com once we have your information and assign client manager to give out introduction of our services.
Contact person: Miss. Zhu Fang, Consulting Service Department
Tel: 0086 21 23297818-7233
Add: 3/F., 99 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai (Postal Code: 200002)
Fax: 0086 21 23297645,23297827
E-mail: zixun@swsresearch.com

(2) Select SWS RESEARCH CO., LTD as a local broker for your QFII business in China. Our QFII clients can get our research products every day.
Contact person: Kathy Kaiyuan Xu, International Business Division
Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co. Ltd
Tel: 0086 21 54038867
Add: 2/F., 171 Changshu Road, Shanghai (Postal Code; 200031)
Fax: 0086 21 54047508
Email: xuky@sywg.com.cn

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