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Macro-economy Analysis

Chinese economy
Dynamically tracking the movements of national economic operation, along with compiling mass data, this report synthetically applies various quantitative and qualitative analytic tools to forecast future development situation of Marco-economy as well as macro-economy policy guidance. It can be used as a reference during investment decision-making process. Periodic reports and nonscheduled case study reports will be provided. Periodic reports and nonscheduled ad hoc hot topic reports will be available. 

SWS Sector Survey Index
Based on vast data from sector grass-root investigation, this report roundly tracks domestic economy dynamics. Periodic reports and nonscheduled case study reports will be available.   

Strategy Research

Overseas China Concept Equity Investment Strategy
By means of following up the focusing events on HK stock market, the equity valuation as well as the fresh data of main global stock market, the report will penetrate the market forefront; analyze HK stock market from diversified aspects and different cycle time; give comprehensive investment suggestions to HK stock investors. Hong Kong Equity Strategy, usually including monthly report, annual report, provisional report, special report and select stock pool etc.

Industry Comparison
This report gives a systematic and comprehensive assessment for different industries, as well as provides investment rating, mainly through trade-off analysis on industrial operation, development prospects, contributing factors and valuation level. It has great significance for intuitional investors when they establish industry investment strategy, but also is a colligated report to learn the new circumstances of all industries.

Industry research

In-depth Research
This report strives to thoroughly and comprehensively open out the industry outlook, with its contents cover industrial demand, supply, price fluctuations, major policies, profitability, and comparisons between leading companies. It also profoundly analyzes development process of underlying industry,new conditions, and coming development trend to dig out any intrinsic investment opportunities and reveal risks. Meanwhile, this report offers an integrated rating and evaluation for stocks falling into the underlying industry, revealing investment opportunities and risks as well.

Industry Comments
This report makes quick responses to any changes in industrial contributing factors (including industry policy, latest data, and market changes), analyzes and provides accurate and timely comments on any investment value changes of stocks within corresponding industries. Also this report conducts quarterly review and prospect analysis in terms of up-to-date industry data, operation status, and investment value of key companies.

Company Research


Now we are mainly focusing H shares, red chips shares and non-state owned listed Chinese companies and etc.

In-depth Company Research Report
Based on all-round analysis over company’s interrelated development course, industry background, competition environment, operating capability, financial standing, core competency and risk factors, we profoundly explain the development trend of the company and provide detailed earning forecast data at least in the subsequent 3 years. In addition, we give investment rating according to the systematic valuation method. This report contains the most comprehensive information and provides the deepest analysis among all of our products.
Company Investigation Report
Based on the on-site investigation of company, the reports timely offer investigation viewpoint to investors. Conducting all-sided analyses and earning forecasts for underlying companies combined with related information. Meanwhile, giving an investment rating in view of current market conditions. The investigation report will more emphasize on the timeliness and accuracy of information in order to explain the related equity investment opportunities and risks to investors at the first time.
Company Comments
The reports emphasize on a timely reaction to any emergency or public information that may affect share price fluctuation including revelation of all financial statements, important investment project and important personnel changes etc. The reports will focus on the appraisal of emergent effect on company, accordingly, analyze and correct judgment on company’s future development trend, subsequently, present a definite equity investment suggestion.

Daily dynamics

SWS Weekly Review
This product offers weekly summary of ORD research reports.

ORD Daily Insight
This product provides the abstract of ORD research reports released every day.

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