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QFII Services

1. QFII Service Team

The specialized QFII service team is within International Business Division, which has over ten-year experience in servicing foreign institutional investors since the listing of the first B-share in China securities market. The team members all have good educational background and expertise related to China's market. They are hard-working, responsible and good at communicating with clients with fluent English.

QFII Service Team Structure:

2. Fast, Efficient & Accurate Services for Trading
Our company has self-developed an independent trading system and bought two trading seats at two markets for QFII trade. QFII clients may place orders and get execution reports by telephone, fax, email, electronic data transfer or Bloomberg terminal. Our dealers can deal with all kinds of orders practiced at international markets, such as CD, market price, limit price, basket, VWAP, MOC, MOO, GTC, Or Better, Or Nothing, etc.

3. Standard Error-Handling Procedures
Our company has always conducted a series of standard error-handling procedures which meet the requirements of international common practices. The error-handling procedures include step-by-step rules and reporting system. Our account managers and head of business are good at communicating and coordinating with clients, stock exchanges and clearing houses.

4. In-depth Research Products Tailor-made for QFIIs
Currently we provide the following research products for QFIIs, which are tailor-made by more than 80 certified analysts from one of the best securities research institute in China-Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Research & Consulting Co Ltd. Those products will be improved and increased further in future. In addition, we also hold seminars, and organize company visits & tele-conference with listed-companies managers and institutional investors for QFII clients, etc.

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